Online Coaching

Yooper Fit is an online coaching program that developed during the Covid-19 shutdown. Prior to the shutdown, Yooper Fit was a small group fitness training center that served over 85 people within its community. Instead of leaving our members with no workouts, my husband and I quickly pivoted our program online providing classes 4-5 times per week for our members. 

We believe that fitness is for everyone. No matter your age or fitness level we believe that you are able to move your body every day. Our programs are here to help you move more efficiently, reduce your chance of injury, improve your balance and flexibility, build strength, and improve your overall quality of life.  

Life is full of adventure and to live it to the max we need to be in our best shape possible. That is why we call our members "Athletes". When you decide to train with us you become a Yooper Fit Athlete. You may not currently consider yourself an athlete, but when you change your mindset and you see you are playing the biggest game of them all, LIFE, you will begin to see how important it is to show up ready to train so that you can work and play how you want. 

Train Hard. Work Hard. Play Hard.

What people are saying

Jane A.

Yooper Fit has changed my life. I LOVE starting my day at 5:30 am with a fabulous workout! Sara is so patient and she is extremely knowledgable.....Yooper Fit is a wonderful addition to Iron River.

Peggy S.

I have been going to all of Sara’s classes and she’s amazing! She perfects your technique so you get the most out of her class. You work at your own level but she will challenge you to be the best that you can be!

Stephanie S.

Sara is an excellent fitness instructor. She truly cares about the success of each of her clients. The classes are challenging, fun, and adaptable to individual abilities and goals. I would highly recommend giving Yooper Fit a try!

Erika L.

Sara has a way of making you feel comfortable no matter your fitness level! These works outs are challenging, but fun - super professional, but so affordable!!